Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bounce Dryer Bars: Oh Noes!

I was sent this Bounce Fabric Softener Bar to review.  "Yay,"  I thought.  As a blogger and mom, I love to try new products.  However, when I saw that this product was meant to glue itself to the inside of my dryer, I'd be lying if I didn't say I had second and third thoughts.

In trepidation, I attached the bar to the inside of my $2000 HE dryer. The bar itself? Left chalky stains on my darks and didn't smell great like regular Bounce sheets. It left towels feeling waxy. My husband HATED it. 

Worst though is the softener bar only lasted a week or two before if detached and made a mess. 

Finally, I am stuck with an applicator glued to the inside of my expensive machine that I am afraid to take off because it is so tightly adhered that it feels like it will take the painted enamel with it. Grrr...not cool. It sits empty and snags clothes instead. 

I am now cautious to ever, EVER try a new P&G product again. Clearly, enough testing was not done. If this does permanent damage to my dryer? 

Believe you me, EVERYONE and their dog will hear about it on my blog. For now, please beware and use only as last resort.

Scout/Heather Murphy-Raines

Update:  Sorry, but still PO-ed.  Ugh hate #Bounce Fabric Softener bar...I was finally able to remove applicator after months of snagging my clothes and fear of breaking the ceramic on my $1000 dryer.

Ta-da!  Stinks like monkey poo, doesn't it?!

Now what? Guess I will be scraping the dryer for the next hour or so. Kinda defeats convenience of a bar, dontcha think?