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One Night of Tom Douglas, The Dahlia Bakery & Macy's Culinary Council: Getting Baked in Washington

As a blogger, there are many aspects of my job that I love.  
However, blogging?  It can be lonely.

You forge wonderful friendships on the internet with people with whom you most likely will never have the opportunity to meet. 


So that said, I jump at local opportunities.  JUMP!  You mean this mom gets to interact with real live bodies?  Who talk?  There will be yummy food?  I can make it a date with my husband?  There will be celebrity chefs?  All in Seattle.

Dream come true!!

Just such a dream was offered to me recently all wrapped up in a Tom Douglas bow.  Yes, the Tom Douglas.

You know.... 1994 James Beard Award for Best Northwest Chef. 2012 James Beard Award as Best Restaurateur. Best American Cookbook author Award...

Victor against freaking Masaharu Morimoto in an episode of Iron Chef America...

Top Chef Seattle judge...


Teddy bear....

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How could I resist??

I frantically made my way through rush hour traffic to get there.  Navigated the downtown Macy's escalator in heels.  Then luxuriated in the wry humor and delicious bites of Toooooom.  Ohhhh Tom!! My friends, the repartee was flying.

Oh it started with his straight man...errr lady, the prim and proper Macy's assistant.  Tom swigged straight from the wine bottle.  Forthwith, the straight-laced Macy's rep brought him crystal.  So what does he do?  Serve some guests wine in a stainless steel measuring cup for knowing the name of Chinese broccoli.

The look on the Macy assistant's face was priceless.  He started the night by keeping it real.
Then it got juicy when he referenced fellow chef Gordon Ramsey.  My friends, I am guessing there is no LOVE LOST between those two. Apparently Tom is of the more kindler, gentler of kitchen bosses.  A quote, "That's as Gordon Ramsey as I get...could you please hurry sir." Juicy!

As he whipped together a gorgeous pear tart, he continued the his down to earth style. Another gem we enjoyed,  "Stick your finger in it to see if it's ready. Like my dad poked me at the Christmas table for my manners. Joking!! " Nope, this was no stuffy chef.  No airs.  All about the food and entertainment!!

A few great tips:  Use a melon baller to core ripe pears.  Just like buttah!  Don't forget to poke puff pastry with fork.

My kind of chef!!

He continued to tease his pastry chef about savory chefs being real. Still he gave her some serious credit as as his head pastry chef at the Dahlia Bakery and honored the precision required of pastry chefs.  He repeated his cookbook The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook: Sweetness in Seattle has been tested many times by his pastry chefs.  

Lots of schnecken 
Then we started to get a littttle bit naughty.  He's talked about soft squishy Schnecken German Pull-apart bread and their....erm....similar texture to soft, squishy bewbies.  Hence why his then teenage self learned to make them.  Heh!

Then we moved on to the turkey.  As Tom says, "It's all about being the better cook than you neighbor...or sister."

Well isn't that the truth!!

Someone in peanut gallery just said she put vodka in her gravy in place of sodium. Omg!! Tom suggested cayenne.  Then he proceeded with another gem, "I OWN gravy."

Having tasted his gravy, I had to agree.   Almost as good as mine!

While we waited for our plates of turkey and gravy, we learned he had roasted it with coffee beans inside.  Oh the yum.  Even better, my husband won a freshly roasted bag to put in our turkey  for knowing the last three restaurants opened.  Go CG!!

Mmm hello cheesy lovah

Another delectable treat?  Mmm hello Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Broccoli Rabe with Fontina. Yep, it was a paleo cheat night if you didn't was worth every bite! I had some serious acid reflux later, but worth it.

In the meantime, we bought the book, got it signed by the man himself (squee) and plan to have a few more gluten-free cheat days. We even checked out his Serious Pie restaurant the following week.  Now that is a story for another day, but I can't leave you without flashing you some pie porn:


OMG Times 2!

Drooling yet, my friends? What??  That was cruel??! You don't live in Seattle?  No worries.  We bought the book.

That grilled cheese?  Page 248.  That serious coconut pie recipe??  It's in there!!

Want to learn more? Seek out  @Macys @CulinaryCouncil @TomDouglasCo @DahliaBakery on Twitter.

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